Fear my wrath!....... Or just read my LJ, whichever.

17 February 1989
Wisconsin, United States
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Cedar Grove - Belgium Elementary School - Cedar Grove WI (1995 - 1999)
University School of Milwaukee - Milwaukee WI (1999 - 2007)
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - Milwaukee WI (2007 present)
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a.c. newmann, anime, art, beau hall, blasphemy, books, boys, bruce springsteen, carl hiaasen, christopher moore, comedy, creative writing, crime scene investigators, cynicism, dance dance revolution, dancing, dark comedy, death, debate, drawing, evil, fantasy, fantasy literature, fashion, final fantasy, firefly, full metal alchemist, futurama, gay pride, george r.r. martin, god of war, horror films, house md, isaac asimov, johnny depp, katamari damacy, language, love, manga, mario, megatokyo, monty python, morbidity, music, mystery, mystery science theater 3000, myth busters, mythology, neko case, no need for bushido, occult, opera, opeth, penny arcade, philosophy, pink floyd, pirates, porno, psychology, queen, questionable content, reading, red string, robert a. heinlein, russ feingold, sculpture, sealab 2021, serenity, shakespeare, simpsons, singing, something awful, something positive, sore thumbs, strange candy, super nintendo, swimming, tad williams, terry pratchett, the doors, the faint, the legend of zelda, the new pornographers, the slayers, the who, theatre, theology, they might be giants, tolkien, tragedy, vg cats, video games, webcomics, winter, writing
Stuff about me: I'm white, I have brown eyes and brown hair (for now) and I've been told by various people that I am pretty (mostly by my boyfriend, so don't presume too much). I'm agnostic, and a member of the Unitarian-Universalist church. I'm very liberal on pretty much all subjects. I am a sophomore at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and I'm majoring in psychology. I'm good with languages and English. I also like art and music, and theatre to some extent as well. So.... yeah. That's me.